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The security of our website’s users is of utmost importance to us.
When Buying or Selling, Use Common Sense:

  1. If you’re a buyer, be wary if a seller’s price is noticeably below market value
  2. If you’re a seller, and a potential buyer is more eager to make the deal than to get information on your product, be cautious. Even though you’ve posted a for-sale ad, whether electronically or in print, you are under no obligation to sell to anyone, no matter who they are or how much they offer. You are NO obligation to respond to an email or phone offer that makes you uncomfortable in any way. Treat suspicious emails like spam and delete upon receipt without replying.
  3. Be prudent with international transactions. Many fraudulent transactions originate from overseas.
  4. Always confirm contact information. Legitimate buyers and sellers will provide valid information.

User Agreement
Buyers and Sellers should be careful in any exchange of monies, contracts, legal documents, and written or verbal communications, as cannot guarantee the validity of all “businesses” or “individuals” who advertise on our website. We do not offer a payment protection service or any other type of buyer or seller protection.