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Safety Tips

It has come to our attention that scam artists are using classified websites and auction sites to try to scam sellers.

They are using a well known scam (often referred to as a “Nigerian scam” or “419 fraud”) involving forged Money Orders, Postal Orders, or Cashiers Check where they will overpay you and ask you to send the remaining money back to them or their “shipping agent.”

Beware of anyone from another country offering to buy your boat with a money order, especially if they try to pay you more than your asking price and want you to send them or someone else the left over money. The bottom line is, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

For more information on this scam and other internet crimes, or if you have been the victim of an internet scam and need to file a complaint, visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center at (See the “Counterfeit Cashiers Check” section for more details about the scam mentioned above.)